ELETTRA honour - EarLy carEer italian baTTeRy scientist Award honour

Application Call

In the framework of the IWES 2023 meeting, the GISEL association is opening a call for candidature to assign the second edition of the ELETTRA honour to an outstanding early-career Italian battery scientist.

The application mandatory requirements are:

1) Holding a PhD title;

2) Age not above 35 years old (increased 18 months for each maternity/paternity leave or serious health leave – to be documented).

2) Not holding a permanent job position.

3) Job affiliation at 1st of January 2022 in an Italian Research or Academic Institution/Foundation or Italy-based companies.

Co-authorship on at least one publication on a peer-reviewed international journal (printed in English) about battery-related technologies without the PhD supervisor (published not before January the 1st 2016) will be considered a preferential title.

The applicants are requested to send their candidature by email at the address postmaster@giselnetwork.it before 1st of December 2022 including the following documentations:

·       A signed application letter where the three mandatory requirements are reported analytically and confirmed (i.e. Date of the PhD title; age; non-permanent status; present affiliation).

·       Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum.

·       A maximum of two reference letters from established scientists in the field of battery research from Italy or abroad.

The award selection committee for the 2021 edition of the ELETTRA honour is constituted by Prof. Catia Arbizzani (University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum, Italian National Representative of the International Society of Electrochemistry), Prof. Claudio Gerbaldi (Politecnico di Torino, GISEL President) and Prof. Vito Di Noto (University of Padova, President of the Electrochemistry Division of the Italian Society of Chemistry).


The board of Directors of the GISEL Association                           30 September 2022