IWES 2021 - First Italian workshop on energy storage
24-26 February 2021

This workshop aims at gathering together the scientists and engineers working on batteries in public bodies (universities and national labs) and in private companies from the Italian community and beyond. The goal is to organize an interactive forum, where research achievements and goals can be shared easily and safely among all the battery stakeholders. The scientific program will feature selected presentations related to topics that cover fundamental and applied research in electrochemical energy storage.


deadline: 7th February 2021

Details & program

The workshop will be online using Zoom - details will be shared with participants


deadline: february the 20th 2021

IWES2021 - lecture awards

Among all participants to the IWES 2021 meeting three oral presentations have been selected for a special honour. The Organizing Committee acknowledges the Sponsors for their generosity. The award selection committee was formed by Prof. Catia Arbizzani (Italian representative of the International Society of Electrochemistry), Prof. Vito Di Noto (President of the Electrochemical Division of the Italian Society of Chemistry) and Prof. Piercarlo Mustarelli (President of the GISEL association). The three awards have been assigned to:

Lorenzo Airoldi (Unviersity of Pavia) "Additive Manufacturing of Aqueous-Processed LiMn2O4 Thick Electrodes for High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries"

Irene Facchinetti (University of Milano Bicocca) "Thermally Regenerable Redox-Flow Batteries

Antunes Staffolani (University of Camerino) "Fast Charging Anode for LIBs and NIBs Based on Fe3O4/rGO: Synthesis and Characterization"

Workshop proceedings

The Organizing Committee is happy to announce that the publication of the conference proceedings on a special dedicated issue of Electrochimica Acta (Elsevier publishing). This special issue (acronym EESC 2021) will be edited by Prof. Sotiris Sotiropoulos and Prof. Vito Di Noto, and co-edited by Prof. Sergio Brutti, Dr. Chiara Ferrara, Prof. Enrico Negro, Dr. Gioele Pagot, Dr. Carlo Santoro and Dr. Cristina Tealdi: the full title of the issue will be "And Yet Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Moves in 2021". Contribution given at the IWES 2021 meeting will be welcome for peer-review following the standard careful procedures of the journal. The participation as speakers to the IWES2021 meeting does not guarantee the acceptance of manuscripts on the special issue. Submissions will be open from march the 20th 2021 to september the 20th 2021.

Organizing Committee

Cristina Tealdi (co-chair)

Sergio Brutti (co-chair)

Vito Di Noto

Piercarlo Mustarelli

Chiara Ferrara

Gioele Pagot


Scientific Committee

Vito Di Noto
Piercarlo Mustarelli
Catia Arbizzani
Benedetto Bozzini

Kristina Edström

Claudio Gerbaldi
Maria Assunta Navarra
Isabella Nicotera
Francesco Nobili
Michele Pavone
Vittorio Pellegrini
Eliana Quartarone
Riccardo Ruffo
Francesca Soavi


The IWES workshop is organized under the partnership of INSTM that supports the event.